A modelling application with parametric & process
– tailored for Class-A workflow

Your benefits

Time expenditure halved

Working efficiently due to parametric modelling and the reusability of modules. No more data leakage.

High display quality

Tailored for Class-A workflow KAJTO offers the perfect surface for applications in automotive industry.

Intuitive implementation

Full functional scopes due to the integration into Rhino 3D at decreased complexity of the user interface.

Tool continuity

Continuous work: From construction, to modelling, to the final visualisation – all within one and the same tool.


Kajto at a glance

Every great


starts with a


If you‘re working in the field of design...

• You have multiple tools in use not properly interacting each other
• The complexity of model variants is increasing
• New trends lead to new design approaches
• Vendors don’t care about your demands
• Existing tools are old-fashioned and expensive
But there is…

… a light at the end of the tunnel:


Kajto is   our solution


• Kajto offers a consistent and efficient workflow
• Kajto lets you safe both time and money
• Kajto’s developers let you participate in development process
• Kajto is easy and intuitive to use

State-of-the-art Class-A user interface

• Workflow tailored, appealing design, fully dynamic (3D)
• Tailored for next-gen Class-A experts

Embedded Class-A parametric

• Seamless bridging explicit and parametric modelling
• Full modelling speed, accompanied by parametric reusage

Integrated into Rhino 3D, Kajto
is tailored for a high-quality
Class-A workflow. With its state-
of-the-art and dynamic user
interface, both time and money
will be saved by an increasing


News and Updates

We are overwhelmed by the response our products Kajto and KajtoPattern are generating in the Rhino community.
The current feedback shows that we are on the right track. Nevertheless it revealed that documentation, FAQs, and videos are increasingly needed to enable a self-learning familiarization with Kajto's vast functionality, UI, and workflow.
As a well-informed 3D modeler, you know that Kajto competes with the leading suppliers for automotive Class-A design tools. This specific workflow is our primary focus right now.

Stay tuned for future development news!


If you have any questions about Kajto or KajtoPattern, possible fields of application, the current state of development or support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marc Dürr

Chapter Lead

Product Center Class A


+49 (0)171 5258 950

Günter Sonnenberg

Team Lead

Product Center Class A


+49 (0)175 5821478